About OIM

Our story

Oregon Innovative Marketing (OIM) was conceived in Bend, Oregon in early 2017 by a group of experienced and enthusiastic local marketers who yearned for connection with peers, friends and colleagues in the industry. After conducting focus groups and numerous one-on-one meetings, we found many like-minded people who wished to network, meet new people, and learn more about resources and innovation both locally and throughout the Northwest.

What we’ve come up with is a collective that can be conveyed in what we cleverly call “the Nine Cs.” We are all about:

  • creating connections
  • communication
  • camaraderie

and anti:

  • cutthroat competition
  • costly club commitments.

What we do

Since we are not officially a club, we don’t have members. Yet our mission is to include and connect everyone from marketing managers, strategic planners, creative agency personnel and freelancers, traditional and social media planners, web developers, small business owners, basically anyone who deals in marketing in one form or another on a regular basis.

We do this by having organized get-togethers every other month – not too often to be a burden, but often enough to remember names and faces from the previous event – usually on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month. We meet at various local businesses and watering holes, wherever we can comfortably accommodate 80-100 people. All events include an hour or more of casual, unhosted networking. Some will feature an informal, educational, marketing-related presentation of approximately 30 minutes.

We intend to operate as a non-profit and keep costs for each event to a minimum – usually $5-$10 – with appetizers and beverages covered by sponsorships as much as possible. However, when the opportunity arises, we will bring in some heavy-hitting, out-of-town speakers who will require a larger fee.

All in all, our goal is to continue to foster collaboration in our industry, support innovation and share emerging marketing trends. To find ways to work and grow together. To be your go-to source for inspiration, connection, and possibilities. And to make the most of life (work and play!) in this special place we call home.

What people are saying about OIM

“I’m so excited for this organization. Since moving to Bend from Seattle in 2015, I’ve been totally missing having a marketing community…”
Jessica Biel

Business Development Director, Pinnacle Architecture

“I love OIM! Attending their events gives me the ability to learn what is new in marketing from other attendees. The guest speakers offer ideas of how I can think about my current marketing differently.”
Barb Malcom

Marketing/Membership Manager, Awbrey Glen